Saturday, 8 January 2011

Call of Duty Black Ops (Wii)- A complete beginners review

Call of Duty: Black Ops (For Nintendo Wii) 

I am a lady more used to the nicer gentler games of Nintendo...Super Mario Brothers, Sonic Colours et al. But I must confess I was bored with these types of games. As good clean fun as they are there are times when you just feel they are a little too childish for a twenty four year old woman to be playing. 

So this Christmas past I decided to look for something a little different...something that no guy would ever think of buying me as a present. I went to and I found it - Call of Duty: Black Ops for the Wii. 

It is the first in the Call of Duty series that I have ever played and so far I am hooked. I don't currently own a Wii Zapper at the moment so aiming and shooting are tricky just now- however this is great for concentrating one's mind on hand-to-eye-to-screen co-ordination which can only be beneficial for exercising one's brain cells!

I am awaiting the arrival of my zapper with excitement and am proud to say I'm now a Call of Duty convert. The other day a guy down the pub declared me "officially the coolest woman he knew" because I played.

Some of the more seasoned gamers amongst my male friends warned me off CoD:BO on the Wii as they claimed this was the worst platform to play it on, but as I own neither a PS3 nor an XBox I took the stance that I would never miss what I'd never tried. Not having played on either of those platforms meant I was able to totally embrace CoD on the Wii without any hang-ups about any game quality I may be losing or less features/increased online lag-time.

As a complete first-person shooter lady beginner, Call of Duty:Black Ops satisfies my need for something different, for something darker and less child-like.

A massive thumbs up from Boozy :)

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