Saturday, 8 January 2011

Call of Duty Black Ops (Wii)- A complete beginners review

Call of Duty: Black Ops (For Nintendo Wii) 

I am a lady more used to the nicer gentler games of Nintendo...Super Mario Brothers, Sonic Colours et al. But I must confess I was bored with these types of games. As good clean fun as they are there are times when you just feel they are a little too childish for a twenty four year old woman to be playing. 

So this Christmas past I decided to look for something a little different...something that no guy would ever think of buying me as a present. I went to and I found it - Call of Duty: Black Ops for the Wii. 

It is the first in the Call of Duty series that I have ever played and so far I am hooked. I don't currently own a Wii Zapper at the moment so aiming and shooting are tricky just now- however this is great for concentrating one's mind on hand-to-eye-to-screen co-ordination which can only be beneficial for exercising one's brain cells!

I am awaiting the arrival of my zapper with excitement and am proud to say I'm now a Call of Duty convert. The other day a guy down the pub declared me "officially the coolest woman he knew" because I played.

Some of the more seasoned gamers amongst my male friends warned me off CoD:BO on the Wii as they claimed this was the worst platform to play it on, but as I own neither a PS3 nor an XBox I took the stance that I would never miss what I'd never tried. Not having played on either of those platforms meant I was able to totally embrace CoD on the Wii without any hang-ups about any game quality I may be losing or less features/increased online lag-time.

As a complete first-person shooter lady beginner, Call of Duty:Black Ops satisfies my need for something different, for something darker and less child-like.

A massive thumbs up from Boozy :)

The Dragon and the Magic Fire Water

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a wise old King in a modest Castle with his Queen (aka The Dragon) and his children The Prince and The Princess.

The season of Yuletide came to pass and there was much merriment and great mirth made in the Boozy Kingdom. The Queen's brother, a wise man from the East came bearing gifts of Gold (more precisely £50 to each of us in envelopes) and he was made most welcome in the King's Court.

The King's sister whilst not living within the Castle walls lived in the same realm as the fortress, just across the road in fact and was spending this time of year on her own with no one. This made the King sad but he felt bound by having to entertain his wife's brother, who had travelled many miles to be there at his festive Banquet. After consulting his Court Wizard he came upon a solution....he would spend the majority of the important day with his family and his guest and would give his apologies to his guest at 8pm and spend the remaining few hours of the day with his own sister partaking of her special magical Fire Water which makes grumpy people giggly and rational people silly.

On announcing his plans to his guest, the wise man from the East was more than happy for the King to do so, after all he had spent 11 hours entertaining him and he understood that the King's sister was an equally important member of the Boozy Royal Family.

The Dragon however took great exception to the King's decision and decided that the King was greatly disrespecting his guest, her brother, by leaving him sitting alone in the Castle and began breathing Fire and threatening to destroy the Kingdom with her wrath if the King dared to visit his own sister. The King dared so and consequently The Dragon cast an evil spell over the land binding everyone to silence in her presence to make her displeasure be known.

7 days into the New Age and the King and Queen have not spoken in 2 weeks despite co-existing under the same roof and sleeping in the same chamber. The Prince and Princess watch on helplessly. The wise man from the East has returned thus oblivious to the strife and the King's sister is now wondering what the Queen's problem with her is.

The search for a counter-spell to break the evil silence spell and return the Boozy Kingdom  to a state of merriment continues. Will this Fairytale have a happy ending ??? Stay tuned!